ANDRILL: ANtarctic geological DRILLing
ANDRILL's success during the 4th International Polar Year.
Florindo, F., Harwood, D., Levy, R., and SMS Project Science Team, 2008.

Cryogenic origin for brine in the subsurface of southern McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.
Frank, T.D., Guiz, Z., and the ANDRILL SMS Science Team, 2010.

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Southern McMurdo Sound (SMS) Project
During October-November 2007 the ANDRILL Southern McMurdo Sound (SMS) Project was drilled from a sea-ice platform to obtain new information about Cenozoic sediment deposition and glacial process in the Victoria Land Basin.
McMurdo Sound Drill Site Map
Drilling results provide important new insights onto the behavior of regional ice shelves/sheets and the Neogene climate history of Antarctica. The SMS project recovered early Miocene (20 million years ago) to Recent sediment and rocks that span several key steps in Antarctic cooling and the development of the cryosphere.
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The core samples are recovered by drilling below the the sea floor from sea-ice platform that supports the drill rig and field camp. Additional studies to characterize these cores are conducted by the ANDRILL team in the Crary Laboratory of McMurdo Station, and by collaborators off-ice, working in their home institutions in germany, Italy, New Zealand, and the United States.
The ANDRILL SMS Project team comprises more than 80 on ice-scientists, drillers, engineers, technicians, students, educators and support staff engaged in the study of sediment and rock cores.
The objectives of the SMS project are to:
• Document the initial onset and subsequent history of sea-ice presence/absence, and the evolution of Neogene biota.
• Establish a local Late Neogene sea-level record.
• Test whether stable cold-polar climate conditions persisted for the last 15 million years.
• Record melt-water discharge events from the Dry Valleys/Transantarctic Mountain system.
• Construct a composite history of glacial and interglacial transition and events.
• Understand the tectonic history and stress regime of the Transantarctic Mountains and West Antarctic Rift System.
SMS Co-Chief Scientists:
Dr. David Harwood
Dr. Fabio Florindo
SMS Post-Drilling Results
Operational requirements and logistical support for the ANDRILL MIS Project were provided by Antarctica New Zealand through Scott Base (NZ) and Raytheon Polar Services Corporation through McMurdo Station (USA). The ANDRILL international partners in Germany, Italy, New Zealand and the United States provided funding for the ANDRILL Program.