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ANDRILL Research Indicates Remarkably Warm Period in Antarctica 15.7 Million Years Ago
Oct. 1, 2009
BATON ROUGE, LA, USA -- Researchers with the Antarctic Geological Drilling Program (ANDRILL) found unexpected evidence of a remarkably warm period in Antarctica 15.7 million years ago. >> Continue reading.
New Evidence from NSF-funded ANDRILL Demonstrates Climate Warming Affects Antarctic Ice Sheet Stability
March 18, 2009
ANDRILL SMO -- A five-nation scientific team has published new evidence that even a slight rise in atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, one of the gases that drives global warming, affects the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS). >> Continue reading.
Scientists Say Antarctic Climate Evidence Too Strong to Ignore
Feb. 18, 2009
Wellington, New Zealand -- More than 50 top international polar scientists will meet at Victoria University of Wellington next week to discuss their cutting-edge climate change research. >> Continue reading.
The Offshore New Harbor Expedition Has Been a Great Success
Dec. 10, 2008
ANDRILL SMO -- The Offshore New Harbor Expedition has finished collecting multi-channel seismic data after an extremely successful season. >> Continue reading.
ANDRILL's Second Antarctic Drilling Season Exceeds All Expectations
Nov. 28, 2007
McMurdo Station, Antarctica -- A second season in Antarctica for the Antarctic Geological Drilling (ANDRILL) Program has exceeded all expectations, according to the co-chief scientists of the program's Southern McMurdo Sound Project.
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Southern McMurdo Sound Project Underway
Oct. 20, 2007
ANDRILL SMO -- During the austral summer of 2007 the ANDRILL Program is drilling from a sea-ice platform in Southern McMurdo Sound to obtain new information about the Neogene Antarctic cryosphere and evolution of Antarctic rift basins.
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