ANDRILL: Antarctic geological drilling
Drilling for Climate & Tectonic History
ANDRILL proposes to drill two > 900 meter holes into lowest Miocene to Paleogene sediments beneath the Ross Ice Shelf, on the Coulman High (CH) in the Ross Embayment, Antarctica. Recovery of the targeted strata will provide a new, high-quality stratigraphic record from a period when atmospheric CO2 levels were comparable to those projected to the next century.

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Past Drilling Success
The MIS project drilled to a record-breaking depth of 1284.87 meters below the sea floor (mbsf), with more than 98% rock core recovery. Analyses of the rock cores indicate substantial glacial and interglacial climatic aviation over the past ~14 million years, revealing the history of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. >> Learn more.
The SMS project collected 1137.84 meters of rock core with greater than 98% recovery. Results include important insights into the history of Antarctica's ice sheets during the Mid-Miocene Climatic Optimum, a period much warmer than today. The cores reveal past climate changes, vegetation, and sea level history. >> Learn more.