Originally titled Engaging Antarctica, the project now goes by the name Antarctica's Climate Secrets.

What is a Flexhibit?
The name Flexhibit comes from two words; a Flexhibit is a Flexible Exhibit package.

Flexhibits include hands-on activities, attractive banner graphics, and video podcasts that make it possible for groups of 10- to 15- year olds to do some fun learning and teaching. The activities lead up to the group hosting a public science event or developing an exciting exhibit for peers, families, or the public.

This Flexhibit package features an international science research project taking place in Antarctica. The ANDRILL project—ANtarctic geology DRILLing—is recovering sedimentary rock cores from beneath Antarctica's ice to learn that continent's climate history. Researchers are looking to the past to help them predict what will happen in the future on our warming planet.

The Antarctica's Climate Secrets Flexhibit
The package of activities, banners, and podcasts has a flexible design so it can work in a range of situations and places. After-school groups, camps, and classes can all utilize the resources. In the activities, kids build and interact with models and learn to demonstrate science activities. The participants become experts in the Flexhibit content: they do the teaching at their public event or they prepare interpretive materials to display at their exhibit.

The Flexhibit covers five themes:
1) Antarctica Today
2) Antarctica's Ice on the Move
3) Reading Antarctica's Rock Cores
4) Tiny Clues to Antarctica's Past
5) Decoding Antarctica's Climate History

Electronic files (PDFs) of the activity book are available on the Project Materials page. The files are designed to be printed back-to-back on 3-hole punched paper and cardstock.

Each theme has 2-4 hands-on activities. The complete set of activities requires materials that can be purchased from hardware, office, pet supply, and grocery stores for around $250. Detailed shopping lists and preparation instructions are provided. Alternatively, groups can order a kit that contains all the ready-to-use materials for $400 plus shipping. Kits can be ordered by sending an email to FlexhibitKits@verizon.net

There are a total of five banners, one for each theme. These are attractive, informative museum-quality graphic files that can be ordered and printed from FedEx Kinkos. They can be printed at various sizes on specialized paper or on durable fabric-like material. They complement each theme and can serve as the focal point for the activity stations at the Flexhibit.

Video Podcasts
Fifteen one- to three-minute video clips augment information in the activities and on the banners. These can be shown on computers, iPods, or mp3 players.