Education and Outreach

Keep up to date with all of ANDRILL's Education and Outreach happenings!

Current Education Outreach Projects

ANDRILL Project Circle

An online learning community that connects students, teachers and interested participants to our research team currently in Antarctica

C2S2: Climate Change Student Summit

a pilot project connecting students studying how climate change is affecting their local regions to communities around the world

Other Resources

Project Iceberg

ANDRILL's repository of education resources


ANDRILL's Research Immersion for Science Educators--opportunities for field research; blogs and images from past expeditions

Flexhibit (flexible exhibit) Materials

Antarctica's Climate Secrets--posters, activity book, podcasts and videos for teaching climate change

Progetto Smilla

Progetto Smilla is the italian educational project of ANDRILL. It involves schools in a specific educational experience. The website has educational resources (in italian) tha help to understand the ANDRILL research.